Simsol Advisors Ltd. is an agent for businesses in wholesale trade and IT services. Our team provides consulting, new international partner search, logistics, and more. With an extensive network of partners in UAE, Kazakhstan, EU, we are dedicated to helping businesses grow globally

About us


Our team consists of knowledgeable experts with years of experience in helping businesses succeed in the global market


We value integrity, transparency, and respect, and we deliver our services with the highest level of professionalism


Our commitment is to exceed our client's expectations by providing exceptional service and customized solutions that fit their unique needs

Our services


We provide consulting services to help businesses develop effective strategies for global growth

New Partner Search

We help businesses find new international partners to expand their reach and increase profitability


Our logistical services guarantee timely delivery and ensure products arrive in top condition

Solution Development

Our team provides customized solutions that fit businesses' unique needs to ensure their success

Our partners


We work with businesses in UAE to provide access to one of the world's most lucrative markets



We have strong partnerships in Kazakhstan, and we help businesses thrive on this promising market



Our partnership network in the EU provides businesses with a gateway to a dynamic and diverse market

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